Search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is a set of measures aimed at improving the target attendance of the web site, as well as its position in search engines.

The basis for promotion of any website in the network is its position in the various directories and search engines according some keywords and phrases that are most relevant to the website subject. That is why, there are some mechanisms to improve (raise) website links position, which we propose to apply in relation to your website, and even set it up at the first position for one or another search. This process is called search engine optimization.

The promotion lies in increasing the popularity of your website in search engines.

Search traffic is the most «tasty» for e-shops, corporate websites and Internet portals. Getting the potential buyers through search engines will cost you cheaper than attracting them by the means of advertising.

The person won’t surf on the Internet searching for something he is not interested in – that’s why a visitor, who came to your site through a search engine is most probably your potential customer. Only “Top 10” search engines links gain the majority of users, not so many visitors look at the second results page and only some of them look at the third. Such visitors of your website are likely to become your customers and not your competitor's. That's why every day search engine optimization is getting more and more popular.

Our task is to attract the target audience to your website, for this we have a range of measures from basic marketing, development of the work strategy, determining the target audience and website optimiziation.

Almost all the disadvantages of website optimization occur due to the fact that the result of the optimizer’s work depend not only on his or her experience and qualifications, but also on the work of search engines. Search engines can change the principles of the ranking, terms of indexation, can ban websites for «overoptimization».

The process of website optimization normally takes 3-4 months, in rare cases it may take from 2 weeks to 6 months. These terms depend on the volume of the work and speed of search engines indexation.

One would think – what for should the owner of the site have such a headache as waiting for the result for three months? The reason is simple - having paid for the work of the specialists in 2 or 3 months you will get an increase of target visitors in 2-10 times relative to initial indicators. When the work is done correctly, the volume of search traffic will never reduce. The cost of such traffic, in the long-run prospect will cost 2-5 times cheaper than in contextual advertising, and 5-15 times cheaper than in the media.

The cost of Search Engine Optimization

The cost of website promotion for each request depends on the competition for this request, actually it depends on the quality of your competitor's optimization, the amount of money they spend on links purchase and registration in the directories. That is, for each request, you can evaluate necessary budget for the links purchase to get to the desired position. Thus the cost of website promotion for each search consists of a budget for the links purchase and the cost of the website optimization.

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