In unity there is strength, especially in the conditions of the world financial crisis, combining of efforts will bring only the advantage to both sides.

Nowadays websites development is quite widespread and has mass character, while the availability of educational information in the Internet allows even the amateurs to be engaged in such kind of activity. But the strong competition in business prevents from succeeding easily. In order for the website to operate and make a profit it should be first of all effective, unique and effective. And this demands particular knowledge in the sphere of Information Technology and methods of site building.  That’s why our company aims at the cooperation with web studios and marketing agencies for the combined development and creation of unique sites of high complexity.

Our web studio consists of the whole group of experienced and qualified designers, programmers and coders for whom working with various program scripts and object-oriented programming language is usual business. The portfolio built up during the time of the web studio existence let you estimate our abilities in creating resources with the use of  php, asp, javascript, ajax programming and interactive multimedia flash-elements. Just such modern technologies and methods are able to provide the originality and individual approach while developing and creating web sites.

Cooperation with web studios will allow combining our efforts for mutually beneficial cooperation within the limits of the Internet-projects. While the large experience and professionalism allows solving any technically complex problems. Not less productive will be the cooperation with advertising agencies either.
The “turnkey” development of the site by the specialists of our studio will allow to enclose any complex advertising project and to achieve its significant effectiveness.

The important element of mutually beneficial cooperation with any company is the confidence but it’s better if this confidence is reinforced with real facts and official documents. That’s why we suggest you signing a mutually beneficial cooperation contract.

 The availability of a relatively cheap labor force in view of its high qualification and professional training, as well as the existing cost of the services on the Ukrainian web building market, will give you an opportunity to lessen the expenses for site development which will allow you to achieve the bigger advantage over your business rivals and in the final analysis will help you to earn more money with less spending.